Packaged Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR)

MABR Packs Treatment Capacity into a Small Footprint

Packaged MABR is Second Nature to us

OxyMem Packaged Plant


Up to 180m3 per day of treatment capacity

with 8m x 2m Footprint

Packaged Plants

Some of our earliest experiences deploying MABR have been with packaged plants, in fact the first packaged MABR was build as far back as 2012. Today OxyMem have a number of flexible design options for our modular MABR system.

Various Applications:

  • Side stream treatment

  • Temporary infrastructure / capacity

  • Off-grid applications

  • Tertiary applications

  • Pre-treatment applications

  • Large scale proof of concept

Built for Flexibility and Speed
When we ship MABR in a packaged format the average time on site for final assembly is 1-3 days. The seeding process will run between 4-6 weeks but this is managed remotely.


Key Benefits of packaged mabr


  • Plug and play installation with short start-up period (In 4-6 weeks the unit fully operational) 

  • Fully automated with remote management

  • Expandable design and enabling a more dynamic asset strategy

  • Energy savings, a minimum four times saving on energy costs over CAS

  • 50% reduction in sludge production (compared to CAS) 

  • Achieve more Process resilience