Packaged MABR

MABR Packs Treatment Capacity into a Small Footprint

Packaged MABR is Second Nature to us

Up to 180m3 per day of treatment capacity (8m x 2m footprint)

Up to 180m3 per day of treatment capacity (8m x 2m footprint)


Packaged Plants

Some of our earliest experiences deploying MABR have been with packaged plants, in fact the first packaged MABR was build as far back as 2012. Today OxyMem have a number of flexible design options for our modular MABR system.

Various Applications:

– Side stream treatment
– Temporary infrastructure / capacity
– Off-grid applications
– Tertiary applications
– Pre-treatment applications
– Large scale proof of concept

Built for Flexibility and Speed
When we ship MABR in a packaged format the average time on site for final assembly is 1-3 days. The seeding process will run between 4-6 weeks but this is managed remotely.


Key Benefits


– Plug and play installation with short start-up period (In 4-6 weeks the unit fully operational) 
– Fully automated with remote management
– Expandable design and enabling a more dynamic asset strategy
– Energy savings, a minimum four times saving on energy costs over CAS
– 50% reduction in sludge production (compared to CAS) 
– Achieve more Process resilience