OxyMem MABR - Food, Beverage & Dairy

Industrial Wastewater operators are experiencing unprecedented pressure to reduce their impact on the balance sheet and the environment. OxyMem helps you meet the increasingly demanding sustainability requirements, lower the environmental footprint, combine productivity and energy efficiency and reduce life cycle cost at the same time.


Ultra Low Energy for Industrial Wastewater Treatment


MABR Sweet Spot

Industrial effluents rich in ammonia typically require large amounts of air and caustic for the biological degradation of the ammonia. OxyMem with its highly efficient oxygen transferring membranes, significantly reduces the volume of air required, additionally because of its ability to conduct both aerobic and anaerobic processes in the same tank, it also reduces the quantity of pH buffer required to ensure that the biofilm continues the pollutant degradation.

High strength wastewater with high Nitrogen and/or BOD/COD loads are perfectly suited to MABR:

  • Distilleries, breweries and wineries

  • Soft drink and beverage manufacturers

  • Convenience and food processing

  • Potato processing

  • Dairy processing

  • Biogas processing

Key Benefits of MABR

OxyMem MABR can drive down treatment costs quickly and cost effectively. OxyMem Supports Industrial Wastewater Operators by offering the following advantages: 

- Lowest cost of ownership: OxyMem will craft a solution that guarantees the best financial return for your investment    

- Capacity management: Add additional biological capacity and resilience without the need for additional tanks

- Highest rate treatment: We can guarantee you the smallest footprint for your wastewater treatment needs     

- Process resilience: Nothing beats advanced fixed film for process resilience, don’t risk downtime.    

- Reducing energy costs: OxyMem uses up to 7 times less energy that CAS, 15 times less than MBBR.