Case Studies

Suez Case Study (Spain)

SABESP Case Study (Brazil)

montcada CS mock up.png
SABESP CS mock up.png

In this case study we explores the benefit of taking off peak loads to improve overall plant performance.

In this case study we explore the advantages of using MABR for an overloaded lagoon.

Severn Trent Case Study (UK)

Wessex Water (UK)

severn trent mock up
WESSEX mock up

In this case study we look at the energy and sludge production advantages of MABR for secondary treatment.

In this case study look at an early field deployment of our novel OxyTube, the smallest unit which can be deployed in the field.

Hassi Messaoud (ALGERIA)

Arthurstown (Ireland)

20180524 IWT CS mock up.png

In this case study we describe a containerized MABR wastewater treatment system for off-grid location.

In this case study we look at one of the most challenging applications for biological treatment, landfill leachate.

OxyMem Memebranes and BioSettler (Northern Ireland)

Enisca BioSettler OxyMem Case Study.png

In this case study we show how OxyMem Membranes can be incorporated in settling stage of the wastewater treatment to reduce the need for a significant footprint and to introduce additional biological treatment.